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Design Partner

We work with your Product and UX teams to offer you the much-needed dependability and predictability. Like a true partner, we strive to help you to stand out by creating your own unique brand

Truly Agile

Delivering under crisp deadlines is a fuel for growth of enterprises big and small. We work with your ongoing product delivery schedule to help you sprint swiftly and steadily ahead of your deadlines.

Balance between long term and
short term

Our team promotes innovations in product design but not at the cost of comfort of existing users. Our in-house UX Strategy helps strike a balance between your short-term and long-term design goals.

Get your whole team in sync

Want your entire Product team to have the true and only picture of the product? We help you cut all the clutter and create a universal image of the product through our Discovery process.

Build Design System that Scales

Enterprises are known to face issues with their product design sooner or later in the scalability path. Our expertise helps you build design systems and UI libraries that make your products better optimized for scalability.

Our Process

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Why customers F1Studioz f1?

Well, we will let our clients answer that question :D

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Awards Won

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Best UX Agency (Silver)

UX India ’17, ’18 & ’19
Three years in a row

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Top 3 Finalist

NASSCOM Design4India
Design Awards 2019

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Company of the Year

Recognised by Siiliconindia
Year 2017

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Top 50 Teams

Across the world
on Dribbble in 2017

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Great User Experience

Awarded by FinancesOnline
Year 2017, 2018 & 2022

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How can UI/UX help my business?

If your business involves a digital product, you are required to pay high attention to the ease with which a normal user can use your product. A UI/UX agency helps you design your products to give them a user-friendly interface which eventually helps you retain and attract users and helps in building a brand.

Are UI/UX services expensive?

UI/UX agencies, although depending on different factors, have a reputation for charging a lot. However, we at F1 Studioz make these services more affordable for our clients as we don’t charge for idle time between projects (unlike many companies).

Why should I invest in a UI/UX agency?

An agency like F1 Studioz specializes in delivering UI/UX services to its clients. It does so by employing industry experts who have tons of experience in understanding and meeting client demands. A product company should invest in such an agency as it would offer better, faster and more affordable services along with faster results than developing an in-house design team.

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